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Howth 17’s at the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse

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Howth 17’s at the Fastnet Rock Lighthouse

Classic Howth 17’s to visit the Fastnet to celebrate their 125-year anniversary.

Every Picture Tells a Story

But some stories are better than others. Because, incredibly the boat in this photo, Leila, Howth 17 at the Fastnet

Howth 17 at Fastnet
Howth 17 ( Leila 1898) at Fastnet

is older than the Lighthouse itself ! Built-in 1898 by John Hilditch of Carrickfergus she was already 6 years old when the famous lighthouse went into operation in 1904. This iconic photo was taken in 2003 by WM Nixon. And to hear more about this incredible story follow the link below

to Winkie ( William) Nixon.

 Howth 17’s

The Howth 17’s are the oldest classic sailing boat in the World. The first five, all still in use,

Howth 17's
Howth 17’s

were built in 1898 and they have a pedigree and history that is unrivaled. While some in use are older than the Fastnet Lighthouse itself, many of these boats have had long and adventurous careers. So many stories waiting to be told.

The amazing history of the Howth 17’s

A Céad Míle Failte

Howth 17 itinerary
Howth 17’s in West Cork

So it’s a Céad Mile Fáile to a fleet of 13 of these incredible crafts to Carbery’s 100 Isles from  June 24th to 30th next. Weather permitting they plan a circumnavigation to include Schull, Crookhaven, Fastnet, Cape Clear Island and Baltimore. Arriving on Cape Clear around 2-3 pm on Wed 28th they will be warmly welcomed with a Barbecue and other refreshments.

Every boat is a winner

Not always true, but in this case its indisputable. And so every participating boat merits an award. And what better than an engraved bottle of 3Sq Miles Gin from Cape Clear Distillery.

These will include both the logo and the name of the boat.

Participating Boats in the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Howth 17’s.

Sail no                    Name                     Year

3                              Leila                       1898

6                              Anita                      1900

7                              Aura                       1898

8                             Echo                        1914

11                            Deilginis                 1907

12                           Rosemary                1907

14                           Gladys                     1907

16                           Eileen                      1908

17                           Oona                       1909

18                           Erica                       1988

19                           Isobel                     1988

20                          Sheila                     2008

21                          Orla                         2017