residents of Cape Clear Island

Islander information

residents of Cape Clear Island

Islander information

The residents of Cape Clear Island are a priority for Cape Clear Ferries. We always keep spaces on board each sailing for islanders.

However, we do recommend that you book ahead – during busy seasons – to ensure your space is kept. We also have ten-trip tickets that are particularly useful for family and friends – or anyone regularly travelling to the island.

New to the island?


If you are a new full-time resident to the island, please get in touch to say hello!

We’d love to welcome you to Cape Clear Island and ensure we know you when sailing with Cape Clear Ferries.

You can get in touch on info@capeclearferries.com or by calling us on 028 39159. You can contact the boat directly by calling 0863465110


Cars and other vehicles cannot be carried on Cape Clear Ferries. Bicycles and kayaks are permitted on board at a cost of €2 per item but must be booked in advance.


Because of Cape Clear Island’s the weather is often different to that on the mainland of Ireland. For up-to-date weather information, please click here.

Cargo Pricing

All cargo is carried from Baltimore only and on scheduled sailings. We regret that cargo cannot be carried on Sunday sailings – except in emergencies. You can check out our sailing timetables here.

Cargo pricing is all listed below. All cargo charges listed are one-way only. Where an item is not listed, the charge will be determined by a similar item which is listed. If you have any queries on cargo charges, please contact us at info@capeclearferries.com

General Pallets

General Pallets

1 Ton€14.50
2 Ton€24.50
½ Ton€8.00
¾ Ton€11.00
Small wheelie bins€5.50
Large wheelie bins€11.00
One ton bags€14.50
½ bags or lighter (firewood etc.)€8.00


Bags of potatoes, Fruit/Veg box, Briquettes, Jerry cans or Gallon cans€0.70
Boxes under 15kg€0.70
Boxes over 15kg€1.10
Freezer, Cooker, Roll Carpet/Vinyl, furniture item, ladder, small lawn mower€5.50
Garden Shed, Headstone€22.00
Small Generator, ride on lawn mower, 32″ television or larger€11.00
3 piece suit€11.00
Kitchen Chair€1.25



PlasterBoard (8 * 4tr)€1.30
Radiators small€2.80
Stairs Single€11.00
Stanley/solid fuel range€27.50
Box tiles€1.10
Timber (€22 per ton)€1.25 per item
Wall insulation/plywood /Aero board€1.30
Waste pipe€1.30
Cement mixers (small)€16.50
Barrels of tar€11.00
Bathroom suite€16.50
Cement mixers (Large)€22.00
Cement/Lime skim coat€0.70
Copper cylinder€5.50
Cop Doors€2.20
Pipes (per item)€0.70
Fitted kitchens (Single)€33.00
Generator (large)€27.50
Hollow core slabs€16.50
Kitchen worktop€11.00
Large kitchen cabinets€11.00
Plastic attic tank€3.30
Reinforcing Iron bars (€22 per ton whichever is cheaper)€1.30
Reinforcing mesh 8×4 sheets€5.50
Rolls of felt€2.20
R .Sink & pedestal€5.50
Rolls of fiberglass€1.10
Slates (per thousand)€22.00
Sewerage Tank€33.00


Bailer wrap Single€1.10
Cattle Box€11.00
Cattle Feeder€5.50
Chickens, ducks (in boxes)€1.10
Feedstuff, nuts, meal€0.70
Fertiliser, lime, moss peat€0.70
Mowing machine€11.00



Kegs of beer€11.00
Bales of cardboard (per pallet)€11.00
Cases of beers/ minerals / cigarettes/ ice cream€0.70
Cases of spirits/wine€1.10
Small Trailer (Single)€11.00
Small Trailer (Return)€22.00


Lobster pots€0.70

Comharchumann Chléire Teoranta /Cape Clear Cooperative

Established in 1969, Cape Clear Cooperative is focused on the social cultural and economic development of the island community and ensuring its sustainability. It is run by a voluntary committee who are elected every year at an AGM.

The Co-op provides many basic services such as fuel sales – including coal, gas, petrol and diesel – and manages a number of premises on the island including offices, the local digital hub.

It also runs Club Chléire , the Cape Clear Tourist Office and Craft Shop, the island electric bus service and the Cape Clear Island Heritage Centre. To contact Comharchumann Chléire Teoranta, call 028 39119 or email ccteo@iol.ie