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Cape Clear Community Woodland

From Strength to Strength since 1987

Cape Clear Community Woodland is going from strength to strength. Now while many projects start small, this one was ambitions from day one. Over 14,000 trees were planted over the winter of 1989/90 through a Community Enterprise Scheme. Many of these were planted on Coop owned land in the center of the Island. Thus guaranteeing unfettered access for the Community and visitors alike.

Paths and Trails

Initially the trees were planted on both sides of a popular path known as the Mass Track. This is a shortcut that bisects the Island and leads to the Island Church, Eaglais Naomh Ciarán. Later the development of marked trails saw a popular trail know as The Green Loop also cross this land. And happily this amenity is welcoming to dogs.

Filling in the Gaps

Initially it  was touch and go whether the woodland would become established. But by the

2023 Tree Planting Cape Clear
Tree Planting in 2023 on Cape Clear Island

Millennium the trees had overcome the Bracken and were beginning to thrive. Since 2002 local volunteers have mustered every year to plant more deciduous trees  in gaps now protected by the longer established trees.

Strength in diversity

As the years have gone by more and more species have been incorporated. These include various fruit trees, Holly, Oaks, Birch,Ash,  Alder, Elder, Hawthorn and many more.  And we have discovered by trial and error how good the

Bluebells in Cape Clear
Bluebells, Cape Clear Woodland

common sally is at protecting other trees from our salt laden winds.

Owls, Fungi and Bluebells

As the trees have thrived so too have other fauna and flora. Some have become roosting spots for Owls. More and more

Hollys on Cape Clear Island
Hollys on Cape Clear Island

fungi appear every year and Spring sees  bluebells appear.

Natural regeneration

Rowan saplings on Cape Clear Island
Rowan saplings on Cape Clear Island

And recently signs of natural regeneration has appeared. We show some young Mountain Ash ( Rowan) saplings taken this year.

Stunning Views

All views on Cape Clear Island are stunning.  But there is something special when they appear through the gaps in the trees. And especially when those gaps are rocky outcrops of heather in full bloom with stunning sea views  beyond,



We are delighted to have sponsored the annual tree planting in recent years. This is a magnificent endeavor and greatly deserving of support.

Cléire abú. Coill Cléire abú.