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An Evening to inspire on Cape Clear Island

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An Evening to inspire on Cape Clear Island

An Evening to inspire on Cape Clear Island

Trathnóna draíochtiúil san Oileán

Cape Clear Island has a unique beauty and atmosphere that attracts musicians and artists from the four corners of the Earth. Many who come are on journeys  of artistic and cultural discovery. Some memories are set in stone, others in the ether. Once in a while, events conspire to create a magical moment for the fortunate few on the Island at that time. Yesterday evening in Club Cléire was such a moment.

The Odessey of the Ninnog

Ninnog a voyage of transformation


Odaisé an Ninnog

The good ship Ninnog, a yacht commanded by celebrated musician Yann Tierson and his partner Emilié Quinquis is commencing a journey of transformation through the Celtic lands and the Faroe Islands this summer. They recently departed their home, Quessant ( Ushant)  a small Breton Island.  Rekindling ancient maritime links they embark  both on a physical journey with a musical, cultural and environmental quest. Yann and Emilié are accomplished musicians and  seekers of ancient wisdom. But why not let them speak speak for themselves through their website Ninnog.

Word Quickly spreads

Scaipeann an scéal

And as locals gathered in Club Cléire in the early evening they were joined by fellow

Yann Tierson & Emilié Quinquis
Yann Tierson & Emilié Quinquis Club Cléire

islanders from Heir, Long and Sherkin Islands. And they were not disappointed. Yann’s command of the keyboard and Emiliés evocative singing in Breton captured the hearts of those present.

Emilié Quinquis Club Cléire
Emilié Quinquis Club Cléire 2023

Its a small world

One of the most evocative songs performed by Emilié concerned a young Breton mariner lost in the Betelgeuse  disaster in Bantry Bay. Leaving his heavily pregnant wife with a promise to return  he survived the initial blast and attempted to swim ashore. Sadly it did not end well and his lifeless body was later washed ashore after an epic attempt at survival.

Many Ports to Come

Calaphoirt le teacht
But their voyage is only beginning with many more calls and performances in places both grand and small.  Tonight they are in Connollys of Leap.  Sunday its St Lukes in Cork andthen along the East Coast towards the Isle of Man & Scotland. We wish them a Céad Míle Fáilte everywhere. We thank John Kearney for inviting them to the Cape and gaining for us the privilege of this first performance of their trip.
Cléire abú. Yann & Eimilié abú. Slán leo go ceann scribe & slán abhaile ansin.