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An Amazing Trip to the Fastnet

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An Amazing Trip to the Fastnet

It dosn’t get better than this

What an amazing trip we had to the Fastnet this past weekend !. Naturally its always a great experience.  But readers will agree that  a Humpback breaching brings it to a whole new level.

Dolphin Cape Clear Ferries

A Great Season so far

And its been a great season for wildlife so far with unforgettable experiences with Dolphins and Minkes  on other trips . Our recent beautiful  weather and calm seas  makes these animals much easier to spot.

Humpback IWDG
Humpback seen by IWDG

Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

And it also was an education and an honor to host a IWDG course on Saturday with veteran whale and dolphin expert Pádraig Whooley. And what a day that was too as can be seen from the photos. Check out their other courses and events at IWDG.

A flavor of the weekend

We hope that you enjoy this video which says it all about  life changing encounters with nature around the Fastnet and Carberys 100 Isles.


Carraig Aonair abú. Cléire abú. IWDG abú.