Kayaking, Snorkelling in South Harbour

Cape Clear Island’s South Harbour is spectacularly beautiful and boasts many interesting natural features including some majestic sea caves and a magnificent sea arch. It is sheltered and safe for kayaking and snorkelling in most weather conditions, which makes for a great activity for family groups or friends. Both ‘sit on’ and ‘sit in’ kayaks are available for daily use from Cléire Lasmuigh.

We carry kayaks on all our ferries at an extra charge of only €2 per kayak. This offers endless possibilities, a circumnavigation of the Island which can be done in 3 easy stages, trips to some of the nearby islands, a ‘slingshot’ trip around the Iconic Fastnet Rock or even, depending on weather conditions, you can paddle to the Island and return by ferry or vice versa. Make sure to check weather conditions, to have the appropriate experience and equipment and if you ask around you may find others willing to share your trips.



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